Division Bell Cocktail

The recipe for the Division Bell is by Phil Ward and is found in Roberto Simonson’s book A Proper Drink.

This is a good mezcal initiation drink as the smokiness from the mezcal is very well balanced by sweetness from maraschino liqueur and fruitiness and bitterness from aperol. The generous addition of fresh lime juice further mellows the drink adding both acidity and citrus notes. Mixing the orange aperol with the other clear spirits creates a pink/light orange drink, looking very mouthwatering.

When it comes to mezcal, we like the ones from Del Maguey. They come in green bottles, almost resembling wine bottles, and just smelling it makes you realize the quality of the product. In superb book Distilled by Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley there is an interesting interview with Del Maguey’s founder Ron. When asked to describe Del Maguey in three word his reply is: True Agave Mother! Guess we couldn’t agree more…


What’s in it

1 oz mezcal

0,75 oz aperol

0,5 oz maraschino liqueur

0,75 oz lime juice

Shake & strain







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