Applewood Negroni

Can you smoke anything? Our answer is almost. A smoking gun is really cool to work with and we have previously smoked cod, tomato and popcorn. Hence the time was come to smoke our first cocktail!

We wanted to try a cocktail that isn’t smokey on its own (for example by containing whisky or mezcal). So we decided to smoke a classic negroni using applewood. Just the look of the smoke add a dramatic flair to the cocktail, but obviously it also adds flavour. A little goes a long way though, be careful over smoking the drink!

Wonder what to smoke next?

A small video on how we smoked the negroni.


 What’s in it?

1 oz gin

1 oz campari

1 oz sweet vermouth

Stirred with ice, then poured over applewood smoke.


Applewood Negroni

Applewood Negroni

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