Albahaca Flor

It might look like a Basil Smash but it’s actually an Albahaca Flor.

We found the recipe online, on a Swedish list of fabulous summer drinks. Now when winter has heavily hit Sweden we are slightly longing for summer again we guess . . .

The basil makes this cocktail intensely green and it’s obviously a drink for lovers of herbal notes. (If you want a green cocktail without herbal taste, look at our Matcha Sour Cocktail).


Albahaca flor

What’s in it?

2 oz pisco

0,5 oz elderflower liqueur

0,5 oz lemon juice

0,5 oz simple syrup

a few basil leaves

Shake hard with ice to smash the basil leaves. Add a few drops of desired bitters (we used peychauds, hence the red roof on the coktail) and decorate with a basil leaf.


Albahaca flor

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