Scotch & Gentlemen’s Soda

Scotch & Gentlemen's soda presented by Cocktail Detour


Today’s drink is a simple one to make, but an enjoyable to drink.⁠

Here we mixed Naked Grouse scotch with Three Cents Gentlemen’s Soda. To add some nice bitterness we also incorporated a few dashes of barrel-aged Peychaud’s. We built everything straight into a highball glass, garnished with a dehydrated citrus wheel and finally added a sustainable glass straw.⁠

No, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than this. Scotch highballs are delicious!⁠

Scotch & Gentlemen’s Soda



Naked Grouse scotch & Gentlemen’s Soda & Peychaud’s Bitters


Build in a highball glass



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