Promissory Note

absinthe, dry vermouth, ginger liqueur, tequila
Promissory Note presented by Cocktail Detour


We were actively looking for a new absinthe drink, and stumbled upon this one by Daniel Hyatt. And while there might only be eight drops of absinthe in the drink, it is still a very defining ingredients as expected.⁣

What is particularly nice with this one is how the potent absinthe is mellowed by the honey – they really play well together.⁣

Ginger liqueur is another ingredient that can be overwhelming if used in the wrong way. But we believe also the intensity of the ginger is mellowed by the honey, and together with the absinthe a truly tasty trio is created.⁣

Promissory Note

Recipe by Daniel Hyatt


0,75 oz reposado tequila⁣
0,75 oz dry vermouth⁣
1 oz ginger liqueur⁣
1 teaspoon runny honey⁣
8 drops absinthe⁣


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe glass. (It’s a good idea to let the honey dissolve a bit before adding the ice to the mixing glass).⁣



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