Peaches and Smoke

cognac, lillet blanc, peach liqueur, whiskey
Peaches and Smoke presented by Cocktail Detour


There are a lot of ingredients in this one, and we were confident we had them all in our home bar. Well, thats until we pulled out what we thought was Lillet rosé from our wine fridge, and realized it was actually Lillet rouge. Not exactly the same thing, but still close enough to still go along. ⁣

Because what’s really defining this cocktail is the peach paired with scotch. It’s an interesting combination of fruit and smoke that works well. There are Blood and Sand vibes going on, and we adore it!⁣

Using Lillet rouge rather than rosé meant our cocktails got a more intense red colour than intended. But still they looked pretty good we thought while we in a nonchalant way drizzled cocktail arrows all over the table.⁣

Peaches and Smoke

Recipe by Alex Day


1 peach wedge⁣
1,5 oz Lillet rosé⁣
0,5 oz Cognac⁣
1 teaspoon Laphroaig scotch⁣
0,75 oz peach liqueur⁣
0,75 oz fresh lemon juice⁣
0,25 oz simple syrup⁣


In a shaker add the peach wedge and muddle it. Add all other ingredients as well as fresh ice and shake vigorously. Fine strain into a coupe and garnish with another peach wedge.⁣



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