Pharmarium – Stockholm

Bar¬†Pharmarium in Stockholm’s Old Town is a true gem!

Set in a pharmacy-like environment the bar transports its guests to a world of potent elixirs, ¬†herbs and smoke. We’ve been here several times, but as the menu recently changed it was time for a revisit. Being in the middle of the Swedish summer the menu focused on fruity and refreshing drinks.


Home made rhubarb soda

First drink was called “Drunken Botanist” and included ingredients such as gin, akvavit and Pharmarium’s own rhubarb soda. It was served as a long drink over several ice spheres. Probably a little too sweet for our taste, but the hot weather kind of justified it.

Pharmarium also offers food, and the mid-size dishes are really good! We tried scallops, mushroom pizza and salmon roe among other dishes.



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