Ogopogo Sour Cocktail

This is pretty cocktail Ogopogo Sour from Scott McCallum’s & Victoria Walsh’s Canadian Cocktails. It’s a cocktail for those who love cherry, as there is both kirsch and cherry liqueur in it. There is also egg white in the cocktail, creating a thick white foam when the drink is poured into the glassware. We used a small amount of Cherry Heering liqueur to paint some dots on the egg white canvas. Also, Dillon’s rhubarb bitters are perfect in this fruity cocktail!

1 small egg white
0,75 oz kirsch
0,75 oz Cherry Heering liqueur
0,75 oz fresh lemon juice
0,25 oz scotch
0,25 oz orgeat
1-5 drops of fruity bitters
Dry shake without ice first, then shake vigorously with ice and pour into pre chilled cocktail glasses.


It’s almost like painting!

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