Milano Torino


In this ever so simple recipe there’s only two alcoholic ingredients, sweet vermouth and Fernet-Branca. And the final addition of club soda makes this a rather low-proof drink that will not affect your senses too much, but definitely warm your heart. It’s simply delicious this Milano Torino cocktail, from The Narrows bar in Brooklyn.

2 oz Carpano Antica Formula sweet Vermouth
1 oz Fernet-Branca
Club Soda
Stir the vermouth and amaro over ice, pour into tall glassware and top up with the club soda.

Coming back to the ABV, Fernet-Branca is actually one of the more potent amaros out there, with its 39 percent. It was invented in Milano back in 1845 and it’s made from almost 30 herbs and other ingredients. It’s one of the more bitter amaros available, but still much enjoyable, both neat and in cocktails.


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