Buckling Branca


If you had a look at our previous post you probably suspect Fernet-Branca is a a staple in our home bar. Well, you guessed right, and today we have yet another reason to bring out that bottle again.

To make the Buckling Branca, found via Cocktaildudes, we first needed to make some cola syrup. We’ve been curious about this syrup after seeing a lot of recipes with it. And it turns out it’s really simple to do yourself. Basically buy a bottle of Coca Cola, bring it to a moderate boil and reduce it to about 1/6 of the quantity you started with. By then you should be left with a rather thick and sweet syrup that tastes a lot of cola.

In this cocktail there is quite a lot of Fernet-Branca. And although the sweet cola syrup is added in generous amounts, be warned – this is a bitter cocktail. However if you just like us are crazy about bitter cocktails you are going to like the Buckling Branca!

1,5 oz Fernet-Branca
0,5 oz fresh lime juice
0,75 oz cola syrup
Shake with ice, double strain and pour into glasses.


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