To Hell with Spain #2 Cocktail

Don’t get us wrong , we love Spain (especially Barcelona). And Greg Henry doesn’t give any explanation to the cocktail’s naming in his book Savory Cocktails, from where we extracted this recipe. The cocktail is originally created by Ira Koplowitz at Bittercube’s Cocktail Bitters.

The list of ingredients is relatively long, and contains Green Chartreuse, one of our favorite ingredients (although only as a rinse in this cocktail). The herbal notes of the chartreuse works well with surprisingly many different types of spirit, even with aquavit as proved in this recipe. Also combining aquavit with cherry liqueur is interesting. The result is a rather extraordinary bitter/sour-taste that we haven’t really experienced in other cocktails before.

What’s in it

0,25 oz green chartreuse (rinse)

1 oz dill infused (or regular) aquavit

1 oz red vermouth

0,25 oz cherry liqueur

0,25 oz fresh lemon juice

about 1 bar spoon simple syrup (or according to taste)

1 dash of bitters (Bittercube Blackstrap Molasses is obviously suggested)

Rinse the glass with the green chartreuse and pour out the excess. Stir all other ingredients over ice for at least 30 seconds and strain into the rinsed glass. Enjoy a fabulous cocktail (with the strangest name ever and a long list of ingredients).

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