Winter Sidecar Cocktail

We had a few ounces left of a bottle of pimm’s winter edition that we bought last year, and we decided it was time to empty it. Online we found the below recipe for a¬†Winter Sidecar¬†cocktail.


What’s in it

1,25 oz pimm’s winter

0,75 oz applejack

0,25 oz lemon juice

0,25 oz cointreau

2 dashes angostura bitters

Shake with ice and strain in to a cocktail glass.


There is a slight bitterness in the pimm’s winter, and this is further enhanced by the angostura. The cointreau on the other hand helps sweetening the cocktail somehow, while applejack add some fruit tones. There is a nice golden red tone to the drink, and decorating with a yellow lemon zest seems very appropriate.

Maybe it could be nice to add just a few drops of simple syrup to fend off the bitter tones a bit. Another way to achieve a slightly higher sweetness would be to use 0,5 oz of cointreau instead of the suggested 0,25 oz.


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