Green Park


Inspired by Amy Stewart’s brilliant book The Drunken Botanist¬†we wanted to shake up a green drink, and came to think of The Green Park cocktail. It’s truly a botanical blend of basil, celery and lemon. It’s also fun that Old Tom gin is the base spirit in this cocktail. Being a somehow forgotten type of gin, sweet Old Tom works so well with both the lemon and the green things in this drink. The egg white is optional, but if included it will create a beautiful foam on top of the cocktail.

6 fresh basil leaves
3 drops celery bitters
1 oz fresh lemon juice
0,5 oz simple syrup
1,5 oz Old Tom gin
a small amount of egg white
Shake all ingredients (but one basil leaf) first without ice, and then with ice. Strain and pour into desired glassware. Decorate with a basil leaf.


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