aperol, cherry heering, mezcal, tequila
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This is a super refreshing agave drink, bursting with both berryness and sourness. Thanks to the Aperol and cherry Heering the drink turns out deliciously ruby red. A rocks glass is the suggested glassware, but we think this drink would also look beautiful in a coupe glass. We used a vintage rocks glass though which was a bit on the small side. So out of picture there is a second almost full glass of this wonderful cocktail.


Recipe by Leo Robitschek


0,75 oz reposado tequila

0,75 oz Aperol

0,75 oz cherry Heering

0,75 oz fresh lemon juice

1 barspoon mezcal


Shake all ingredients, except for the mezcal, with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass. Add a large ice cube and float the mezcal on top.


rocks (potentially a double)

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