Blood Orange

amaro montenegro, campari, gin
Blood Orange presented by Cocktail Detour


Jamie Boudreau at Canon in Seattle claims this cocktail tastes of blood orange, despite no presence at all of that citrus fruit in the ingredients list. In fact, he’s so sure you will taste it, he even named the cocktail Blood Orange.

And believe it or not, this cocktail really tastes like blood orange. That bitterness from the Campari, combined with orange juice mimics blood orange in an almost magical way. This is the perfect way of enjoying that flavour all year around.

To us Swedes oranges are very much associated with Christmas. And even if Christmas Eve is now behind us we still see this post as a Happy Holiday cocktail!

Blood Orange



1,5 oz gin
0,5 oz amaro Montenegro
0,5 oz Campari
1 oz fresh orange juice


Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into desired glassware.



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