Black Salt Cocktail


From excellent book Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry we’ve picked this rather unique recipe containing salt in the actual cocktail. And it’s not just any salt you’re supposed to use, but the very cool black lava salt.

The black salt you buy in small blocks, and then grate it yourself. It probably doesn’t taste very different compared to regular salt in the end, but it sure adds a cool flair to the cocktail.

The cocktail itself gets very interesting. Combining coffee liqueur with fernet branca is a bold move, but rewarding. The combined sweetness and richness of coffee paired with the bitterness of fernet branca deliver a one of a kind flavour, and this is even further enhanced by the rye. The egg white adds crema to the drink, and finally the lava salt further tickles your taste buds.



What’s in it

2 pinches grated black lava salt

1,5 oz rye

0,75 oz coffee liqueur

0,25 oz fernet branca

1 small egg white

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, and start by dry shaking (meaning no ice in the shaker). After 30 seconds add a lot of ice and continue shaking to completely cool the drink. Pour into a coupe glass and wait a minute or two before serving, this will allow the egg white crema to rise.


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