Rose Gin Negroni

When we were in Toronto Canada some time ago we found a spirit from Dillon’s called rose gin. It’s a floral spirit, with an amber color. Rose petals are one of the peculiar ingredients. In a review we read about this spirit it was suggested to make a negroni out of it. So we decided to try just that.

The rose gin has a very nice aroma. We wouldn’t say it smells like roses, but there’s definitely a really nice floral tone to it. Mixing the rose gin with campari, known to be overwhelming in some drinks, we were worried the nice notes of the rose gin would disappear.

Luckily they didn’t disappear at all, instead they added a different but very enjoyable aspect to the negroni. Also it added a lot of color, just look at the pictures below.


What’s in it

1 oz dillon’s rose gon

1 oz antica formula sweet vermouth

1 oz campari

As this is a spirit only cocktail – stir rather than shake




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