amontillado sherry, applejack, spiced pear liqueur
Aplomb presented by Cocktail Detour


There was a period when we met Tiff & Joe of @twocoupes quite often. It happened first in New York City at the Maze bar. Then Tiff’s dancing brought her via a cruise to a brief stop to Sweden and we had lunch with her. Fast forward and Tiff was back in Stockholm but this time also bringing Joe. And then late 2019 we visited them again in New York City.⁠

But since then, the pandemic has somehow stopped these fun meetups. So instead we are now making one of their original cocktails, the Aplomb.⁠

Knowing Tiff’s & Joe’s cocktail skills we knew just by seeing the recipe that we would love this drink. It’s especially that St George spiced pear liqueur that’s so intriguing. We love the spicy kick it brings to this cocktail.⁠

But also applejack is nice to mix with. And it’s fun that there’s both apples and pears in here. Talk about drinking your fruits.!⁠

Tiff & Joe, here’s a virtual cheers until we meet next time!⁠

Recipe by TwoCoupes


1 oz applejack⁠
0,5 oz rye⁠
0,75 oz amontillado Sherry⁠
0,25 oz spiced pear liqueur⁠
0,25 oz pamplemousse liqueur⁠
1 tsp rosemary syrup⁠
1 dash grapefruit and lavender bitters⁠


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a glass.


Nick & Nora or a coupe

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