Zacapa Nuet

absinthe, cognac, crème de menthe, rum
Zacapa Nuet presented by Cocktail Detour


Some months ago we attended a solo dining experience called Nuet. You had dinner at a table set for one, with the idea to immerse yourself fully into the food without any conversation at all. They even provided earphones with curated music to go with each dish. A truly unique experience.

For us cocktail nerds, the cocktail pairing with each dish was probably the highlight of the evening. Michael Hajiyianni was present throughout the whole experience and made each cocktail using different Zacapa rums.

Especially the green dessert cocktail caught our attention. It is made with Zacapa Negra rum, cognac, absinthe and mint liqueur. The first sip you’ll remember the rest of your life. It’s an intense one, but at the same time so mellow and intriguing. The green colour certainly helps to mystify the drink, and the experience of it.

Zacapa Nuet

Recipe by Michael Hajiyianni


1 oz Zacapa rum
1 oz cognac
1 oz crème de menthe
1 barspoon absinthe


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a small rocks glass.



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