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Wormhole presented by Cocktail Detour


The Wormhole is a coffee based low ABV highball drink by Ryan Perry. There is no sweetener in it so it’s a rather earthy and bitter flavour experience you’re in for. But as the alcohol is low it still becomes a very refreshing acquaintance. The coffee in the recipe means this is a good brunch cocktail.

The mint used as garnish is home grown. The plant is not huge yet (hence the tiny sprig in the drink) but with all the heat we are currently experiencing it will soon be a big plant! Hence, expect more mint cocktails the coming months!





1,5 oz Branca Menta
1 oz cold brew coffee (we used @modecoldbrew )
0,25 oz fresh lime juice
Club soda to top up with


In a Collins glass, add all ingredients but the club soda. Stir briefly then add ice cubes and top up with the club soda.



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