Will it blend?

In outdated Swedish cocktail book “Drinkar” (Drinks), first published 1988, there is a rather interesting chart showing how well different spirits mix with different cocktail bases. The original chart is in Swedish, but below is our translation (and the original even further down).

Now some combinations are classics. Vodka/Tomato Juice, Gin/Tonic, Rum/Coca Cola and Campari/Soda Water we still enjoy today almost 30 years later.

More interesting is to see what combinations the chart suggests should be avoided. But would Vodka/Soda Water, Whiskey/Pineapple Juice, Cognac/Ginger Ale, Tequila/Lemonade or Campari/Tomato Juice really be that bad?

Taste preferences and recipes change over the years. What’s most choking to you in the chart below?




The original Swedish chart



The book’s cover


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