Why is it a pear when you only get one?

Sauvignon Blanc, pisco
Why Is It A Pear When You Only Get One? presented by Cocktail Detour


When we saw the name of this cocktail we had a good laugh – and knew we needed to shake it!

Pear juice is not used that often in drinks, which is too bad because it’s actually super delicious and surprisingly different from apple juice. Combined with wine it creates this refreshing and light drink experience which is then boosted by elegant Pisco.

So – why is it a pear when you only get one? We couldn’t figure it out to be fair so we solved it by making two – one for each of us!

Why is it a pear when you only get one?

Recipe by Oskar Kinberg


1,5 oz Pisco
1 oz Sauvignon Blanc wine
0,33 oz lemon juice
0,33 oz simple syrup
6 oz pear juice


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and double strain into a highball glass filled with ice.



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