The “Veritas” is a gin based cocktail, with Cointreau and crème de cassis added in the mix together with fresh lime juice. The tricky/impossible thing is to get the crème de cassis to float a top of the other ingredients, which we totally failed to achieve. Nevertheless this turned out to be a really delicious cocktail, that somehow tastes vintage – in a good way.

Veritas means truth in Latin, and apparently this cocktail is supposed to be something of a truth serum. So if you have something to hide, maybe don’t shake up this particular one.

0,75 oz Cointreau
0,75 oz gin
0,75 oz fresh lime juice
0,25 oz crème de cassis
Shake the first three ingredients with ice, strain and pour into glassware. Add the crème de cassis as a float (or as a sink like we ended up).


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