The Rosé Bouquet

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The Rose Bouquet presented by Cocktail Detour


When we were challenged to use rosé wine in a cocktail we immediately started to search for a good recipe. It turns out there are actually lots of them and in the end we had a hard time picking only one. “The Rosé Bouquet” we chose for two reasons; it has grapefruit juice in it which we love, and we happened to have a bouquet of tulips at home making the prefect side garnish for this drink.⁣

There’s a certain dryness to rosé wine that makes it work pretty well as a cocktail ingredient. It’s almost like a dry vermouth, but with some nice pink colour. In this recipe it is also mixed with gin, so the ABV is taken up a bit. But as there’s also a large splash of grapefruit juice in the drink it’s still an easy sipper.⁣

What was left of that Enzo Bartoli rosé wine after the cocktails were done, accompanied our dinner. Rosé wine certainly equals spring to us!⁣

⁣As always, drink responsibly. Cheers!⁣

The Rosé Bouquet



3 oz rosé wine⁣
1,5 oz gin⁣
0,75 oz Lillet blanc⁣
3 oz grapefruit juice⁣


Carefully stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a rocks glass over a big ice cube.⁣ Garnish with a grapefruit zest.⁣



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