The Precision Timepiece


It’s always exciting to try a product for the very first time. When we recently met cocktail genius Dustin Heimsoth in Berlin he told us about Jägermeister’s new high end spirit – Manifest. And while its edition is somehow limited we were lucky to buy a bottle at Berlin’s Tegel airport on our way home.

The first cocktail we decided to use Manifest in is The Precision Timepiece by Sother Teague. This recipe originally calls for Jägermeister, but we used Manifest instead.

We truly enjoyed this cocktail. It’s herbal, bitter and subtle-sweet at the same time and it gets a wonderful colour from the Aperol. What we liked about the Manifest on its own was how much less sweet it is compared to regular Jägermeister. It makes the herbal notes more noticeable, making the Manifest very appropriate for cocktails.

And finally a word on the glass. Please help us decide if it’s ugly or gorgeous as we can’t make up our minds. We found this rejected glass in a charity shop sales corner for no money at all. It’s crooked, shaped rather weird, only semi transparent and it’s not standing very tall. But still . . . something made us pay the dollar asked.

Thanks Dustin for introducing us to Manifest!

The Precision Timepiece



1,5 oz Manifest (or Jägermeister)
0,75 oz Amaro Montenegro
0,75 oz Aperol
2 dashes pimento bitters


Stir all ingredients with lots of fresh ice. Strain into a glass and garnish with an orange twist.



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