The Negroni Warmer

carpano botannic bitter, old tom gin, sweet vermouth
The Negroni Warmer presented by Cocktail Detour


As a mix between a classic Negroni and an Irish coffee this drink is still something of its own. And it works so wonderfully well – becoming a rather unique experience. ⁠

The key here is the sugar we believe, that’s what balances the bitterness of the Carpano Botanic. And then of course using old tom gin rather than regular gin also adds a sweet sensation. This in combination with sweet vermouth becomes almost as mulled wine – which feels so fitting for the season. And who doesn’t like whipped cream? It’s the perfect topping for this delicious drink.⁠

Drinking hot cocktails is so good we think. It really gives another sensation compared to regular ice-cold serves. It’s like you smell the drink a bit more, and also you feel it on your tongue quickly. Both fun and fantastic!⁠

We were in a Christmas mode while prepping this drink, so we decided to serve it with some “lussebullar” – a Swedish saffron bun that is consumed more or less only during December. Nice!⁠



0,75 oz Hernö Old Tom gin⁠
0,75 oz Antica Formula Vermouth⁠
0,75 oz Carpano Botanic Bitter⁠
0,75 oz water⁠
0,75 oz caster sugar⁠
whipped cream⁠


Mix all ingredients except for the cream, and gently heat on the stove. Pour into a generous glass and garnish with lightly whipped cream and some orange zest.⁠


a sturdy glass

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