The Cornell Special

benedictine, gin
The Cornell Special presented by Cocktail Detour


It’s soon empty, our bottle of Porter’s Gin. The second last drink we’re using it in had to be a classic. And it works brilliantly in this recipe adapted from Harry Craddock.⁣

Benedictine is an interesting herbal liqueur, and it works really well in gin cocktails. The Cornell Special is a good example of that, especially as it is an equal part recipe so no ingredient overpowers the other.⁣

We’ve always liked sour cocktails a little bit extra, and with a full fluid ounce, only balanced by the sweetness from the Benedictine, this is certainly a cocktail for us.⁣

The Cornell Special

Recipe by Harry Craddock


1 oz gin⁣
1 oz Benedictine⁣
1 oz lemon juice⁣
1 oz club soda⁣


Shake alla ingredients except the club soda with fresh ice. Double strain into a coupe and top up with the club soda.⁣



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