Suit & Tai

cognac, rum, triple sec
Suit & Tai presented by Cocktail Detour


The time has finally come to surprise Matthias of @servedbysoberon with a drink. As many of you know Matthias is the annual organizer of the worldwide #secretsanté event in which cocktailers surprise each other with cocktail posts. Matthias goes through a lot of labor to make sure this event happens successfully each year, and we can only imagine how much time goes into it.⁠

With this Suit & Tie cocktail we bow to your efforts Matthias. At the same time we thank you for being the constant cocktail inspirer you are. Not a day goes by without a gorgeous Soberon cocktail in our feed.⁠

We do look forward to this years Secret Santé of course. But do let us know if there is anything all the rest of us can help you with!⁠

Cheers Matthias!⁠

Recipe by Matthew Neale


1 oz Cognac⁠
1 oz aged rum of choice⁠
1 oz lime juice⁠
0,5 oz triple sec⁠
0,5 oz orgeat⁠
2 barspoons simple syrup⁠
1 dash Angostura⁠


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain over crushed ice into an old-fashioned glass. We garnished with a few dashes of Peychauds.


old-fashioned glass

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