Royal Tribute Cocktail


In William Yeoward’s American Bar: The world’s most glamorous cocktails we found the recipe for a Royal Tribute, a sparkling cocktail.

Obviously, this is a cocktail from legendary “American Bar” at London’s The Savoy Hotel. The cocktail itself is rather new though. It was created by Daniel Baernreuther in 2011 to pay hommage to the marriage between British royal couple prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The list of ingredients is rather long, but only small amounts of each spirit is required. After all, in this cocktail the champagne plays the leading role, but it’s nicely complemented by the herbal green chartreuse, the sweet maraschino liqueur and the boozy gin. The cocktail gets an almost golden color, very fitting for a royal tribute cocktail!


What’s in it

1/2 bar spoon green chartreuse

1/2 bar spoon maraschino liqueur

0,75 oz antica formula sweet vermouth

0,75 oz gin

1 bar spoon simple syrup


Stir all ingredients, except the champagne, over ice. Pour and strain into pre chilled coupe glasses. Top up with champagne. Enjoy!



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