Remember the Maine

This is a cocktail for lovers of rye. We are using Bulleit’s rye, it’s high on character and even the bottle itself looks good! InĀ Remember the Maine the rye is mixed with a couple of peculiar ingredients. First of all, absint, an almost mysterious spirit adding licorice flavor to the drink. Then there is Danish cherry heering with its high on sour fruit content. And finally the world’s best sweet vermouth, antica formula. A few dashes of iconic angostura bitters complete this classic cocktail. And stirring rather than shaking is crucial for this one!


What’s in it

a few drops of absint

2 oz rye

0,75 oz antica formula sweet vermouth

0,25 oz cherry heering

2 dashes angostura bitters

Stirred, not shaken

Remember the main

Remember the main


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