Del Rio Cocktail

Normally we prefer mezcal over tequila, but when we found the recipe forĀ Del Rio on we knew it was time to break a bottle of tequila. Apart from that, there is also sherry and elderflower liqueur in this cocktail, along with a generous amount of angostura orange bitter drops.

This drink is stirred, not shaken. Normally we find it more fun to shake, but we are slowly starting to realize the sophistication of stirring. It’s a more controlled, and almost ritual process, and you litterarly feel the cocktail getting cooler and cooler as you stir. Do you prefer to stir or shake, or is it always depending on what cocktail you are making?

The Del Rio originates from bar Trick Dog in San Francisco. We’ve never been to the bar, but we have visited San Francisco, so drinking this cocktail somehow brought us back to the American west coast.

The taste is relatively dominated by the tequila, possibly a little too much according to our taste. However, the elderflower slightly changes the perception of the tequila, while the sherry adds character as well as lowering the cocktail’s alcohol level. But if we would do this cocktail again we would hold back on the tequila, or substitute it with mezcal.


The original proportions

1,5 oz tequila

0,75 oz sherry

0,75 oz elderflower liqueur

2-3 dashes angostura orange bitters








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