Queen’s Slipper

amaro averna, rum, sweet vermouth, walnut liqueur
Queen's Slipper presented by Cocktail Detour


As autumn is here, and winter is soon around the corner – starting to make these dark brown cocktails makes a lot of sense. We like sipping on this kind of drinks, accompanied by some lit candles when it’s completely dark outside.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with the drink. A crazy straw, tilted 90 degrees makes the perfect garnish for this funny named drink. The taste of the cocktail is heavily defined by the Smith & Cross rum. But as this is one our favorite rums we don’t mind at all!

Queen’s Slipper

Recipe by Ran Duan


1 oz Smith & Cross rum
1 oz sweet vermouth
0,5 oz walnut liqueur
0,5 oz amaro Averna


Stir with fresh ice and strain into a coupe.



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