Pico Robertson


Supporting different spirit enthusiasts is important to us. While the big brands usually make great products with high quality, we do enjoy finding small batch bottles, spirits with a story, brands with a heart-warming mission and of course local engagement.

A friend recently gave us a bottle of Etrog Liqueur from Sukkah Hill Spirits in Beverly Hills. They basically make every bottle leaving their California sight by hand, hence being both so local and showing the dedication we love. On their web page we found the recipe for the Pico Robertson cocktail, really showcasing the Etrog liqueur. However, have a look at the recipe, it also calls for sweet vermouth . . .

0,5 oz oz Etrog Liqueur
1,5 oz rye
1 oz sweet vermouth
Stir all ingredients with ice, strain and pour

. . . of course we had to use the bittersweet vermouth from Odd Society Spirits in Vancouver. It was the perfect partner in this small batch, local, enthusiastic cocktail so full of crafted love. Cheers to lovingly made spirits!


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