Physalis Sour

gin, velvet falernum
Physalis sour presented by Cocktail Detour


Physalis are those cute golden yellow berries protected by a paper thin coat. They are sour, chewy and bursting with flavour. Fun to eat for sure, but even more fun to drink it turns out.

Because muddled together with gin, and fresh marjoram (which we were lucky to find in a store) they create a refreshing cocktail with a quite distinct flavour.

Of course we had to use a few physalis fruits as garnish, they are so visually stunning!

Physalis Sour

Recipe by Oskar Kinberg


1,5 oz gin
1 oz velvet falernum
0,66 oz lemon juice
0,75 oz orange juice
6 physalis fruits
2 fresh marjoram sprigs


Muddle the physalis and marjoram in a shaker and then add all other ingredients. Shake with fresh ice and strain into an ice cube filled rocks glass.



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