Matcha Highball

Matcha Highball presented by Cocktail Detour


Using matcha green tea powder in drinks is fantastic. It gives the cocktail a pleasant earthy flavour and a mesmerizing green colour. ⁠

This was also a very satisfying way to try out our bottle of Ichiros whisky that we bought in Japan a few months ago. It got to shine in this whisky highball for sure and stood up proudly to all that competing tea flavour.⁠


Matcha Highball



2 oz Japanese whisky⁠
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠
¼ tsp matcha green tea powder⁠
Club soda⁠


Shake all ingredients except the club soda and strain into a highball glass. Top up with Club Soda and add ice.⁠



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