Mango Cilantro Habanero

Mango Cilantro Habanero presented by Cocktail Detour


We love mango, we love cilantro and we love tequila! Habanero pepper is another love, but there were none to be found in the Stockholm grocery stores this week. Well we subbed it using a red pepper instead, although it is nowhere near as hot as habanero.⠀

The overall qualities of this drink we could still enjoy though. Drinking your greens is a fantastic idea, and Sother’s green remedy is absolutely wonderful. ⠀

Finding the perfect mango is key here. And while we were unlucky with the pepper we were able to buy a super sweet and perfectly ripe mango. Mixing that with earthy cilantro and sour lime results in a smooth sweet-n-sour drink, acting almsot as a quencher. Watch out for those two ounces of tequila though…⠀

We absolutely adore this recipe, and we also think the drink presents very well visually.

Mango Cilantro Habanero

Recipe bu Sother Teague


0,25 cup ripe mango
0,25 cup cilantro leaves⠀
0,75 oz fresh lime juice
0,5 oz agave syrup
2 thin slices habanero pepper
2 oz blanco tequila


Put all ingredients into a blender with a handful of fresh ice. Mix until smooth and pour into a pre-chilled generous cocktail glass.


large coupe or similar

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