Major F**k Up


The “Major F**k Up” Cocktail from bar Little Quarter in Stockholm is a very special cocktail indeed, as it incorporates vinegar to create a unique sourness and acidity. The rye used might be white (we used Dillon’s amazing version) but the color of the cocktail is rather defined by the sweet vermouth and the cherries of course. The cherry shrub is easy to make, just muddle together fresh cherries with some sugar and vinegar to taste. Thank you Anders ( on Instagram) for being brave enough to ask for the recipe, and all cred to the bartenders at Little Quarter for creating this one of a kind cocktail.

1,75 oz white rye
0,75 oz sweet vermouth
1,25 oz sour cherry shrub (cherries stirred with sugar and vinegar)
A few drops of orange flower water
Shake with ice, strain and pour


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