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Happy New Year! How exciting that 2021 is around the corner, we can’t help but feeling optimistic about next year!⁠

We wave goodbye to 2020 with this original cocktail that we made with a new vodka to us – Fleur de Lis. It is distilled five times and on top of that filtered in a special way to create its premium taste. ⁠

Here we played a bit on the Bellini, another sparkling cocktail that also uses peach purée. The fruit mixes nicely with sour lemon and the beautiful vodka. The sparkles then makes the drink very festive.⁠

We chose an extra generous coupe this time, making it possible to pour some extra bubbles into the glass. Hey it’s New Year after all.⁠

2021 – you are more than welcome into our lives!⁠


Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz Fleur de Lis vodka⁠
1 oz fresh lemon juice⁠
1 oz peach purée⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠
sparkling wine to top up with


Shake all ingredients except the wine with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Top up with sparkling wine and garnish with a brandied cherry.⁠


big coupe

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