L’Escolar Gin and Tonic Riff

byrrh, gin
L’Escolar Gin and Tonic Riff presented by Cocktail Detour


Normally when tonic syrups are used there’s always some sparkles added in the end, either regular club soda or even sparkling wine.

What caught our attention in this recipe was the lack of bubbles. Instead concentrated tonic syrup is stirred with gin, Byrrh and bitters resulting in a very elegant cocktail. It shares characteristics with a classic gin and tonic, but is obviously more concentrated.

By accident one of the photos we took got slightly off-angle. But maybe it was meant to be as our cocktail books library got in the frame. If you love cocktail books as much as we do, and have good sight, you might even recognize a few of the books on our shelf.

L’Escolar Gin and Tonic Riff

Recipe by Alberto Pizarro


1,75 oz gin
0,75 oz tonic syrup
0,75 oz Byrrh
2 dashes orange bitters


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe. Garnish with an orange peel.



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