Lady Johnston

basil, rum, velvet falernum, vermouth
Lady Johnston presented by Cocktail Detour


Today is my birthday! And I’m celebrating with a Lady Johnston cocktail created by Jessica Gonzalez;

There’s just something with fresh basil in cocktails. It’s herbal and earthy, and it adds a wonderful pale green colour when muddled with clear spirits like in this one.

What’s also good about this drink is that you can alter the ABV by adding more or less club soda. This means it’s a good drink to serve for guests who prefer less alcohol strong cocktails, while still being able to notice the rum base.

Cheers to everyone reading all the way here, to the bottom of the post. Now I’m off to blow out the candles and eat some cake I guess =)


Lady Johnston



5 basil leaves
0,25 oz simple syrup
0,5 oz Velvet Falernum
0,75 oz lemon juice
1 oz dry vermouth
1,5 oz dry rum (white)
0,5 oz club soda


Muddle the basil leaves in a shaker together with the simple syrup and Velvet Falernum. Add all other ingredients except the club soda and shake vigorously with fresh ice. Strain into a double rocks glass, or if you’re celebrating something, into a flute glass. Top up with the club soda.


Double rocks

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