Koffie & Tonic

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Koffie & Tonic presented by Cocktail Detour


We have always been coffee drinkers, and the last few years we’ve really started to also enjoy cold coffee. It is of course nice to use coffee in cocktails, and for that purpose, cold brew coffee is extra convenient as it gives a lot of flavour without diluting the drink.⁠

In this recipe we used Mode cold brew coffee concentrate which means we were able to pack in even more coffee flavour. When it’s combined with bitter tonic water and genever a super interesting drink emerges, and it is even further enhanced by the few drops of orange flower water (you want to be careful with that fragrant ingredient).⁠

Sipping on this coffee long drink makes you feel rather sophisticated. It is a beautiful cocktail that we are happy we tried.⁠

Koffie & Tonic

Recipe by Jesse Vida


1 oz genever⁠
3,5 oz tonic water⁠
1,5 oz cold brew coffee⁠
3 dashes orange flower water⁠


Mix the genever, tonic water and orange flower water in a highball glass and add ice cubes. Gently float the cold brew coffee on top. Add a sustainable straw and serve.⁠



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