Kantine Kohlmann – Berlin

Having cocktails outside, during the last weeks of summer is simply unbeatable, we visited the cocktail bar Kantine Kohlman in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

At Kantine Kohlmann’s bar we tried four different cocktails. Of particular interest was a cocktail called “Nieto’s Date”, it’s the orange colored drink with a sugar rim in the below pictures. This cocktail consisted of rum, dry vermouth, date syrup and peach bitters. The colored rim was made of campari and sugar. We really liked the visual impact of the campari sugar, but it also added a very subtle bitterness to this medium sweet cocktail.

Another good cocktail was the pale but sophisticated “Hinnerks II” (the drink with a lime peel in the pictures). The star of this cocktail was mezcal, but also maraschino liqueur, lime juice and plum bitters were on the ingredients list. A really good drink, with nice smoky tones from the mezcal.

Bring cash though . . . international credit cards are not accepted . . .

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