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It’s more than a month since we returned home from our visit to Japan, where we got to see Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo close up. It was two unforgettable weeks, and we feel so inspired by it, also when it comes to cocktailing.⁠

So we were extra thrilled when Kokoro gin reached out, asking us to create a cocktail with their gin and their liqueurs. We knew straight away we wanted to go as Japanese as possible, both in flavor and looks.⁠

Now the Kokoro gin is actually produced in the UK, but with one ingredient, giving the gin its full flavour profile, being handpicked once a year in Japan and transported on dry ice to the UK – the “sancho” berry. The berry has a citrusy and peppery taste, which is obviously transferred to the gin. ⁠

As Kokoro also produces several Japanese themed liqueurs we thought it would be nice yo use one of them in tonight’s drink, and we chose the Cherry Blossom liqueur.⁠

Mixing the gin and the cherry blossom liqueur ⁠with a bit Cointreau and lemon juice created the perfect link between Japan and Europe – just like the Kokoro gin itself.⁠


Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz gin⁠
0,5 oz cherry blossom liqueur⁠
0,5 oz orange liqueur⁠
0,5 oz lemon juice⁠


In a Japanese shaker, add all ingredients and shake with fresh ice. Strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with brandied cherries on a Japanese skewer.⁠



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