Into Thin Air

italicus, whiskey
Into Thin Air presented by Cocktail Detour


Finally we were able to get a bottle of Italicus, and we are trying it in cocktail Into Thin Air by Lucinda Sterling. Here it is mixed with Irish whiskey (we used Jameson), fresh lemon juice and tonic water.

First of all we tried the Italicus neat. It’s sweet, fruity and citrus driven. Very refreshing, with a certain bitterness going on in the background. Worth mentioning is the low ABV. At only 20 % this is almost more like a dessert wine, and to us that means it’s the perfect cocktail ingredient.

And while the actual cocktail is not that low on ABV in the end given the generous amount of whiskey, it is still a very uplifting and refreshing drink.

We will use Italicus a lot more! Especially in those spring time cocktails that we will soon start planning. Until then though, we keep our opened bottle in the fridge to make sure it stays as fresh as possible given the low alcoholic content.

Into Thin Air



1 oz Irish whiskey
0,5 oz Italicus
0,5 oz fresh lemon juice
Tonic water


Add the whiskey, Italicus and lemon juice to a collins glass filled with ice. Top up with tonic water and garnish with a lemon wedge.



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