dry vermouth, gin
Dry Martini presented by Cocktail Detour


One of the most well-known cocktails, one of the most simple recipes, one of the most difficult to fully master.⁠

A Dry Martini is all in the ingredients used, and the ratio they are used in. We’ve experimented with the latter and come to the conclusion that 5/6 parts gin and 1/6 part dry vermouth works perfectly well according to our taste.⁠

Stockholms Bränneri’s gin is a luxurious and very tasty choice of gin. We love that it’s made in the center of Stockholm, our home town. And just look how well that beautiful bottle compliments the look of the ready-stirred drink next to it!⁠

Dry Martini



2,5 oz gin⁠
0,5 oz dry vermouth


Stir both ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon zest, or an olive if you prefer.⁠



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