Dried Meadow Flower

elderflower liqueur, suze, tequila
Dried Meadow Flower presented by Cocktail Detour


A real quencher this one is. During summer these type of highball cocktails catch our interest a little bit extra.⁠

Also we think it is nice to use Suze. Bitter it might seem at first, but mixed with other ingredients it can transform into very unexpected flavours. Suze is almost a bit magical, and quite exciting to use because of that.⁠

Dried Meadow Flower

Recipe found via Difford’s Guide⁠


1,5 oz reposado tequila⁠
1 oz elderflower liqueur⁠
0,5 oz Suze⁠
0,5 oz lemon juice⁠
soda water to top up


Shake all ingredients, except the soda water, with fresh ice. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top up with soda water.⁠



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