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This award winning cocktail from 2012 was a lot of fun to make. Carbonating cranberry juice feels awkward to begin with, but it turns out really nice and very refreshing. Using mango juice is also not something we do everyday, and we can honestly say it’s the first time ever we’ve paired it with cardamom syrup!

It was all these unusual ingredients and methods combined that made us super excited about this drink. And the result is definitely to our liking. Maybe a slight bit on the sweet side overall, but it can easily be adjusted either by adding some more lime juice, or use less mango juice to begin with.


Recipe by Francesco Cione


1,5 oz amaretto (almond liqueur)
0,75 oz cardamom syrup
0,5 oz lime juice
1,75 oz mango juice
1,5 oz carbonated cranberry juice


The original recipe recommends using the Chai Tea/Cuban Throwing technique when mixing together all ingredients except the cranberry juice. It means pouring the liquids back and forth between shaker halves. Less dramatic but slightly more convenient is shaking it together with fresh ice. Then strain into a large wine glass and top up with the carbonated (done in a siphon) cranberry juice. We also garnished the glass with powdered cranberries.


wine glass

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