Carbonated Tom Collins

Carbonated Tom Collins presented by Cocktail Detour


Making carbonated cocktails is fun, and actually a lot of cocktails can be done this way. Just remember you’re under pressure when you use a siphon so be careful and always follow instructions from the siphon manufacturer.

This fizzy Tom Collins was great! We loved the bubbly sensation and the rather dramatic way of preparing the cocktail.

Carbonated Tom Collins

Recipe adapted by Craig Schoettler


2 oz Old Tom gin
0,75 oz lemon juice
0,25 oz simple syrup
4 oz water


Add all ingredients to a siphon and charge with one CO2 cartridge. Put the siphon in the fridge to chill the content. Before serving, release the pressure and unscrew the top part. Pour the content into a collins glass, add ice cubes and enjoy!



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