Cadierbaren – Stockholm

So, we’re back at Grand Hotel Stockholm’s Cadierbaren to try some of their seasonal cocktails.

Bittersweet Maryrose¬†is a very pink drink made of gin, rhubarb liqueur, aperol, lemon, grapefruit and rosemary sugar syrup. It’s a summery drink, making you think of kitchen gardens in the sun. Not too sweet, but at the same time not bitter or sour, this was a very subtle cocktail. In the end maybe it was missing that last edge to make it truly memorable though.

Divamus Vitae combines nordic aquavit, fleur de sureau sauvage liqueur, benedictine d.o.m., lemon, orange marmalade and peach bitters. An interesting but relatively sweet cocktail with a pale yellow color. Refreshing, and very easy to drink.

Porto Domesco is really defined by the port wine in it. It gives the cocktail both its intense ruby red color and a deep rich sweet taste. Combined with whiskey, lemon juice, cherry marmalade and orange bitters this was a rather unique cocktail with a strong taste, slightly overpowered by the port wine and the cherry marmalade. Still a very nice cocktail indeed!

Cadierbaren also has a lot of classics on it’s menu. It’s easy to spend a few hours in this bar, sampling two or even three of their nice cocktails. In general service is really attentive, although it can decline a bit when the bar is most busy.







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