Bitter Pink

campari, gin
Bitter Pink presented by Cocktail Detour


This fritz-limo that Supersoda sent us surely is summer in bottle. Not only does it taste of apple, elderflower and cherry, but it also has the most gorgeous ruby-red colour, screaming to be used in cocktails!

As we had some strawberries left over, we thought we should make a strawberry-coloured drink. The pink gin from Gibson’s was an obvious choice for base-spirit as it actually tastes strawberry! We like that it is still not overly sweet despite being a pink gin, and it’s a great base for those summery drinks.

We did want a bitter element as well, and in keeping with the ruby red theme Campari was a no-brainer. Some dashes of rhubarb bitters finalized the whole creation in a delicious way.

The drink turned out really fresh and fruity. This is the definition of a summer-sipper!

Bitter Pink

Recipe by Cocktail Detour


1,5 oz pink gin
0,5 oz Campari
5 dashes rhubarb bitters
fritz-limo apple/cherry/elderflower


In an ice-filled highball glass add the pink gin, Campari and bitters. Then top up with fritz-limo and stir gently. Garnish with a fresh Swedish strawberry.



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